Calling out corruption in the Green Party

Affiliation Rule violation

John Andrews of the PCSC (Presidential Campaign Support Committee) lying about the rules. Those rules have been ignored for the selected candidate.  This is how they have been committing election fraud.

PCSC attempt at removing candidates

The PCSC tried to remove candidates off the official pages against the rules. John Andrews lied about this which ended up preventing candidates from being on the ballot. This is how they rig the primary.

Proof that the insiders selected a candidate

Chris Blankenhorn admits they had a plan for the 2020 primary but didn't have a candidate.  All you have to do is look at who drafted Hawkins and look at the conflict of interest.

Howie hawkins admits "collective Leadership"

Howie Hawkins was drafted by several officials in the Green Party. Those same people that are making decision for the party are also making decisions on his campaign.